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Retirement Simplified 


Discover How

Why AdvicePoint?

Not all financial advisors are the same.

Always a Fiduciary

It only makes sense to take advice from someone who is committed to acting in your best interest. We adhere to the fiduciary standard and will only deliver unbiased advice.

No Investment Commissions

We are paid directly by our clients and work exclusively for them. We do not steer anyone into higher cost investment products that pay large commissions. 

CFP® Professional

Recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning. The designation involves extensive training, continuing education, and adherence to ethical standards.

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How do I work with Matt?


Someone in your corner.

Income Strategy

Coordinate withdrawals from different types of accounts,  analyze pension payouts, and align your various income sources. 

Tax Planning 

Strategic tax planning and coordination with your accountant to minimize the amount of tax you will pay over the course of your lifetime.

Insurance Analysis

Determine if you are fully covered in areas where you need it, while looking to reduce costs and even eliminate unnecessary coverage.

Estate Planning

Ensure your beneficiaries are up to date and the right documents are in place so your intentions will be carried out by the next generation.

Social Security & Medicare

Help you choose the right benefits at the right time and plan for the ongoing cost of healthcare as you age.


Low-cost, globally diversified portfolios targeted to your goals and managed to your risk tolerance and time horizon.

About Us

Matt Stephens, CFP® Photo

Matt Stephens, CFP®

Financial Advisor

I grew up outside of Raleigh and my parents taught me good money habits throughout my childhood. After graduating from UNC-Wilmington in 2001, I worked several types of jobs and volunteered with the financial ministry at church before pursuing a professional career as a financial advisor. I gained experience working for a large firm here in town, then took my practice independent in 2013 by joining The Wealth Plan Company. After several years of training and specialization, I created AdvicePoint to meet the increasingly complex needs of retirees. 

My wife, Brooke, and I live here in Wilmington with our two young children. We attend Port City Community Church where I've been a regular volunteer since 1999. 

Favorite exercise: Surfing.

Typical weekend: Playing with the kids (and probably helping with the laundry).

Sports team: Not a huge sports fan, but I follow the Carolina Panthers in the fall and still get excited about March Madness.

Favorite restaurant: Wherever the kids eat free!

Favorite thing about being a financial advisor: I absolutely love what I do. To me, there is nothing more fulfilling than guiding my clients through important financial decisions.

Qualification & Awards

  • Double major in Business Administration and Communication Studies from UNC-Wilmington (2001)
  • Series 66 Investment Advisor and Insurance Licensed (2008)
  • Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM (2009)
  • Dave Ramsey ELP/SmartVestor Pro (2013)
  • Behavioral Financial AdvisorTM Certification (2018)
  • Wealth Management Thrive Award Recipient (2019)*
*The WealthManagement.com Thrive Awards is an annual program designed to celebrate America's fastest-growing advisors. To qualify for the list, applicants must be based in the US, offer financial services to individual clients, and be free of regulatory actions. The WealthManagement.com 2019 Thrive Awards list was compiled by measuring percentage of revenue growth over the previous three years. 
Stephanie Carr Photo

Stephanie Carr

Client Service Manager

I started my career in the banking industry back in 2004, where I became a Client Service Specialist before going part-time to raise a family. I joined The Wealth Plan Company in 2017 and later helped Matt start AdvicePoint. I've enjoyed getting back into a full-time client service role over the past few years. My favorite part of working here is building relationships with our clients and their families and making a difference in their lives. 

I moved to Wilmington with my family at a young age from Long Island, NY. My husband, Justin, and I live with our two young boys, Harrison and Charlie.   

In my free time you can find me in the kitchen channeling my inner chef or spending time with the kids outdoors.  We love the beach, the pool, and spending time with our family and friends!

              Case Studies

You've never done this before. 

We help clients just like you every day.

Disorganized and Stressed

Mike and Sandra were approaching retirement with investment accounts all over the place--old 401k plans, IRAs with three different investment companies, and an annuity that someone had sold them at a dinner seminar a few years ago. No one had taken the time to show them how all of the pieces were supposed to fit together. Sandra felt overwhelmed trying to understand what they had and if they were going to be okay.

We had real conversations about money and I helped them get organized and create a better vision for their retirement. We consolidated all of their accounts into one place, simplifying their paperwork and saving money on fees in the process. They now have order in their financial lives and a trusted advisor who knows them and cares about their future.

(Our attorneys would like us to remind you that this scenario is presented for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation. Each individual's situation is unique and past performance is not an indication of future results.)

Does this sound like you?


Paying Too Much In Taxes

Robert and Janet were already working with a financial advisor at their bank and had multiple types of investment accounts. Janet was still working full-time, but  planning to retire within the next two years. Since Robert was already retired, they were taking money out of his IRA to supplement their income. 

Based on their tax situation, we stopped the IRA distributions, made contributions instead, and pulled the income they needed from a different type of account, reducing their tax burden that year. When Janet finally stopped working, we delayed Social Security and took capital gains at a 0% federal tax rate, saving them even more money by using the tax code in their favor. 

(Our attorneys would like us to remind you that this scenario is presented for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation. Each individual's situation is unique and past performance is not an indication of future results.)

Does this sound like you?


Ready to Retire, but Nervous

Cynthia was about to turn 65 and was ready to retire from her job. She had saved diligently in her 403b plan over the years and had access to a pension, but was confused about which payout option to take. She wanted to retire so she could spend more time with her new granddaughter, but was nervous that she hadn't saved enough money and didn't know what to do with Medicare, Social Security, or her pension.

We helped her sign up for Medicare, analyzed her pension options, and guided her in making decisions about when to start Social Security. We showed her how much income she could reasonably expect from her investments and how we could manage those for her.

Because of this process, Cynthia now knows that she is in great financial shape and can spend time with her family as much as she wants.

(Our attorneys would like us to remind you that this scenario is presented for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation. Each individual's situation is unique and past performance is not an indication of future results.)

Does this sound like you?



We charge a straight-forward percentage fee based on the assets we're managing for you. This single fee covers all of our financial planning, professional investment management, and on-going advice.

Assets Under Management Combined Fee











For more detailed information and disclosures regarding the fee schedule, please click here to view our latest Form ADV.

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